Sunset Heights Meadery
McLeod Hill, NB
E3G 5Z9

Mead is perhaps the oldest fermented beverage, with references in writings by Aristotle, the epic poem Beowulf, and Hindu texts from as far back as 1700 BC. The reason for this lies in its simplicity; the basics of mead’s production are so simple it could happen by accident. Honey, water, and yeast are all it takes to create such a renowned beverage. Now, of course, just because it can be simple, doesn’t mean it always is. Sunset Heights takes this ancient process and modernizes it beautifully with exacting fermentation and exciting local flavours. Everything at Sunset Heights begins with fresh local honey produced on site, and from there, a wide range of wonderful drinks are made. From classic meads, cysers (apple mead), blueberry meads, and hopped meads to their line of sparkling meads and mixers they call Pollen Angels, there’s something there for you.