Big Tide has brewed their all-natural ales and lagers at the 47 Princess Street location since August of 2009. Over the years, they have gained a reputation for offering high-quality beer accompanied by food that reflects the flavours of their brews.

Big Tide strives to celebrate their regional heritage, history, and culture through the names of their brews: Fogbound Hemp Pale, Seaworthy IPA, Benedict Arnold Extra Special Bitter, and Sandpiper Pilsner to name a few. The latter is named for their unofficial mascot - the semipalmated sandpiper. This tiny shorebird is common in the Bay of Fundy area in late July and early August as it stocks up on fuel for its long trip back to South America. If you find yourself needing to fuel up for a long journey, Big Tide’s food and brews are always there for you.