Grimross Brewing Co. seeks to craft wonderfully tasty Maritime beers inspired by the brewers of Belgium and Western Europe. At Grimross, experimentation is key, and the experimentation goes beyond just hops and grains. Grimross has a keen eye for a variety of styles and explores -in addition to local hops and grains- different yeast and bacteria. From lager and ale yeasts, brettanomyces, lactobacillus, to a wild yeast isolated at our brewery, Grimross focuses on flavours, aromas, and complexity produced by fermentation.

Experimentation and variety are so important, they categorize their brews into four groups: their core brands are available all year round; seasonals are made just once a year; limited brews are sporadic reappearances of past beers, and finally their scratch series are experiments that they use to push the boundaries and forge new recipes.